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Acts 20:24 amp

I was in a place of giving to others, taking care of my family that became a volitle place to be with alcohol and drugs as their friends.  At 16 I felt no love, no strength and no desire to live any longer.  I was a very seasoned athlete, very active in school with great grades, yet so empty inside.

I was invited to go to a church that I was not "brought up" in and because of a co-worker that continued to invite me again and again I finally went - just to shut him up.  Much to my amazement , I loved this church.  The Pastor was real and down to earth.  This began the journey to meeting the Lord.  After one year of meeting with the pastor weekly to "undo" who God was and was not, I gave my heart to the Lord.  I wanted to be sure my devotion to this God was someone I could trust and rely on. 

Its been over 33 years now that I made this decision, and God has never ever failed me or forsaken me.  I had one bad marriage of physical abuse and now have a wonderul marriage to a man of God for 19 years...We love one another, we love the Lord FIRST and we love others so they too can experience what we have in our lives.

Never give up on love, never give up on God, never give up - God has "good" plans for you!

It took me while to warm up to the idea of attending a Women's event ​​.. I can honestly say I have been inspired over the years, watching the women, seeing what Gods doing in theirs lives.. Tricia was my biggest support and continued to be that for many years. Now I find myself leading  with some of the most incredible women. Tricia was an inspiration to me ,I miss her daily. She had an  incredible impact on my life and hundreds more.. Our hearts break but we have a hope that we will all be together again.. Praise God!
​ Sherry P