My name is Tricia Wilson - as you read from the tablets of God's heart, may it stir the gifts  He has placed inside of you to share with others....for today is your day to be that Light in a dark place...
Prophetic Word 

The Joys of today and the Joys of tomorrow, all rest in knowing I am Your God rich in Mercy and Abundant in love. I have conquered every enemy that would rise up against you therefore great joy is upon you!

You have seen and heard that I am a God of My Word.  My Word never returns void but accomplishes what I please.  It is My pleasure to give you all things pertaining to Life and Godliness.  It is My Pleasure to bless your life with Peace and My Presence.  It is My pleasure to bless you with Joy that is your strength.

As I pour out pleasure and peace upon you, you can then in turn reach out to others with the same.  Go forth and bless others with this JOY, PEACE and PLEASURES that will glorify Me as you share these with others...​​​​